Meet the local supplier: Darts Farm

When it comes to meat, we very much take on the ‘Farm to fork’ approach – the old fashioned way (the best way). That’s why we buy our meat from farmer heroes, The Butchers at Darts Farm, expertly led by Master Butchers Philip & Alastair David. Their knowledge and expertise of breeding, rearing, sourcing, maturing and butchering the best livestock enables us to provide you with the highest quality, and tastiest meat on your plate.

The story

It all started with Ronald Dart, back in 1971, when he created ‘Pic Fresh’. He believed that we should eat what is in season, and produced locally. What started as a hut selling produce from their fields direct to the public, grew into a popular farm shop, and eventually into the nationally renowned shopping destination you know today. Following what Ronald started with the same ethos and family values, the three Dart Brothers further developed the business and are very proud of what they have achieved together. The farm remains at the very heart of everything they do, growing over 50 different crops a year that are harvested each morning and brought into the store, fresh from the fields.

Fresh from the fields

Darts Farm is one of the few farms that still have a traditional herd of Red Ruby Devon cattle that graze on the banks of the River Clyst. This is a breed native to Devon which produces amazingly good tasting beef, with a perfect balance of fat to lean. All their beef is grown to natural maturity, hung in whole carcass form, dry-aged in the traditional way and butchered with great skill and care – all this creates the best taste and texture.
Often seen grazing on the banks of the river at Darts Farm, we don’t think our meat could be any more local!

"The old way is often the best way"

Where can I find Darts Farm?

You’ll find Darts Farm in the historic estuary town of Topsham overlooking the beautiful Clyst Valley. From delicious deli treats and unique shopping experiences to enjoying the great outdoors, Darts Farm has pretty much got it all.

What Darts Farm produce can I enjoy on the Harry's menu?

Sirloin, Ribeye, Flat iron… The Butchers at Darts Farm have got us covered on the meat front. Complemented with our French fries, rocket and grilled tomato, you can’t really go wrong when all your craving is a great big juicy steak.