Meet the local supplier: Boatyard Bakery

At Harry’s Restaurant, we take our bread seriously and rising to the occasion are the bread wizards at Boatyard Bakery. Sourdough, Rye, Brioche, Buns, Focaccia, you name it Boatyard Bakery has it!

We are proud to have been working with this delicious, local supplier for a number of years now so we thought it was high time we made a proper song and dance about our wonderful relationship with them.

The story

Boatyard Bakery is owned by Emma Parkin. Emma was born and bre(a)d (excuse the pun) in Exeter and, although she has travelled widely and sampled bread native to many parts of the world, she returned home to Devon to start her own dough-making enterprise. Emma’s earliest childhood memories were of her mother whipping up a weekly batch of wholemeal bread for their hungry brood. Little did the family know that these early memories and lessons in kneading and rising would become the foundation of Emma’s business. This is something that resonates deeply with the Harry’s family as we all have memories of mothers teaching us to make iconic dishes at a young age!

Baking in a Barn

Emma’s Bread began life working out of a converted barn just outside of Exeter, nestled on a friend’s organic vegetable farm. With flour-dusted hands and unwavering dedication, Emma crafted loaves that were more than just bread; they were a labour of love. There was a renewed fascination with ‘proper’ bread and in particular sourdough. Emma’s Bread burst onto the scene, capturing hearts and taste buds alike. In 2011, the business took another leap forward, moving in with Exeter’s Real Food Store in Paris Street, where Emma became one of the original directors. She saw an opportunity to share her passion with even more hungry souls and began supplying daily bread to an ever-growing family of customers, including restaurants (like us), cafés and pubs in and around the city.

Where the Magic Happens

In 2017, Emma’s bakery relocated to the Quay, and just as buns grow in the oven, Boatyard Bakery was born. Harry’s owner, Samantha, has also taken the opportunity to develop the relationship and her skills further by undertaking a week’s worth of work experience at the Boatyard Bakery – learning from the master bakers. It involved very early mornings but was an unforgettable experience.

Rising to the Occasion

Every day, skilled bakers whip up a wonderful array of bread using locally sourced ingredients and time-honoured techniques, something that really resonates with us. Whether it is Sourdough dripping in salted butter, brioche buns housing delicious beef burgers, or brioche loaves gently toasted and topped with crème fraîche mushrooms, each slice is a testament to the passion and dedication that Emma and her team put into every batch.